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Howdy, Partner!

The name’s Copes. Marc Copes.
I’m the Mayor ‘round these parts.

I’m the one on the left.

Cow Texas is a small, fictional town located somewhere near the definition of funny, and just around the corner from your dad’s favourite joke.

[You] : HahahahahaWait, I don’t get it.

That’s a fancy pants way of saying it’s a free webcomic (reader supported), with a modest readership (1,492 subscribers), humble origins (updating since 2009), and grand plans for World Domination. 

Or Cult Status. To be honest I’d be happy with either.

But the thing is, to realistically take over the world, I need to do it one smile at a time.

And I was thinking, since you’re reading this page and all, maybe I could recruit you! Join our top secret mission by choosing your favourite social media poison platform:

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I grew up reading GarfieldThe Farside and Pearls Before Swine and I can now see how these strips were huge inspirations for my own comic, with their unique humour and gag-a-day format. Cow Texas is very much a love letter to my childhood heroes.

But that’s enough about me. Thanks for reading all the way down here and joining me for the ride. I look forward to drawing the next comic and sending it to you, however you just chose to follow it!

Hugs and donuts,

Mayor of Cow Texas
Play more. Adult less.

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