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Australian Dental Postcards

Capture your customer’s attention
with a “fridge worthy” notice they’ll enjoy receiving.

My name’s Marc Copes. I’m a West Australian cartoonist, (creator of the comic strip Cow Texas), now offering my services selling original dental recall postcards, flyers and appointment reminders!

My original, eye-catching, family-friendly cartoon designs are more memorable, more effective, and more likely to earn a place at the holy grail of notification spaces: your customer’s fridge!

It’s 5x more affordable to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. But you already knew that.

You already have a system in place for contacting your customers…

Why Postcards?

There are certainly other methods to keep in touch with your customers. But they each have their own drawbacks

  • SMS messages are quick and cheap to send, but are just as easily ignored or forgotten. People prefer a human touch, not a robotic one.
  • Letters take time and resources to print, fold and seal. They can be too formal, and often go straight into the bin. They’re too old school.

You need to be memorable.

Whenever you have to get a message out fast and with confidence, send a postcard. They are simple to use, fast to send and often the first thing to be read in the morning’s mail.

Postcards often get through to their target, past the “screen”, because they are personal. They force you to be brief and deliver a punchy message. They also give you the power of an image to carry the message. You can even have fun with them!”

✉️ Australia Post

About me: I’m a one man, drawing-printing-selling operation!

I want to disrupt the dentist postcard industry with my humour, originality, affordability, and willingness to work one-on-one with you to customise an effective lead-generation and ROI tool for your clinic.

What I Offer

I’m proud to offer my services at both a cheaper rate and at a higher quality than the leading competitors, including discounted pricing and unbeatable perks!

  • Original illustrations by a local Australian cartoonist. (That’s me!)

  • Your logo, clinic details and messaging. Whatever you want I’ll make it happen, at no additional cost.

  • Printed in Australia using 100% recycled materials, on thick 280gsm quality stock.

  • Free shipping to your clinic.

  • Your custom design and details kept on file for easy, no fuss, re-ordering.

  • A bonus $50 off your first order!

PRO TIP: Order enough of a single design for 6-12 months at a time (matching your recall schedule) to lock in a cheaper rate and keep your customers entertained with a different cartoon every time you reach out to them.

Want to see what I could do for you? Use the contact form below for a free, no obligation virtual mockup to see what your clinic’s personalised postcard would look like.

It would be my pleasure to work alongside you and your clinic.

Kind regards,
Marc Copes

Let’s Work Together

Be the first to see new dentist postcard cartoons as soon I finish drawing them! Doubles as a handy reminder to check your postcard stock 😉