> You decide to go on an Adventure.

Your story begins here. However this story is a bit different.

This story is a Choose-Your-Own-Path collaborative experiment where you decide what happens next. At the end of each page you will get to choose between several options to go forwards, each of which will take you down a separate path.

Every story entry, every option, every detail was created by another fellow reader.
Once you reach the end of your chosen fate, you will get the option to add your page.
So far there have been 92 pages and 303 paths created. Will yours be next?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no particular time that Adventures happen.
You can come back for another Adventure as often as you want - each time you can choose a different fate, and the next time your options will have grown.

Remember: This is an experiment, so keep it clean and play fair.
Prove that you are allowed to play with nice things.

Begin your Adventure!


> You decide to check out the Library.

Here you find a collection of adult fiction written by a fictional adult.